Friday, April 10, 2009

My Horoscope For This Day

This is pretty crazy. Omg.

Friday, Apr 10th, 2009 -- The Moon's visit to your sign indicates a couple of days of heightened emotional intensity, yet the changes you go through now can be of lasting significance. You might be fearful of the unknown and could react by holding on to an old habit or a relationship that's no longer serving your best interests. But this isn't about recklessly dropping someone or something; it's about initiating action that increases growth and leads to evolution.

Craaaziness. I am scared of the unknown buuuut it's time to stretch those lovely black wings of mine and take flight once more. I"m getting a little tired of sitting pretty on this ledge. I think it's time to take a leap and see how far I can fly.

For those I'm leaving behind in this pretty enclave, the probability of you knowing who you are is pretty slim. The probability of you seeing this is also slim to none. But on the off chance you know who you are and you see this, know that I'm not leaving you behind. I'm merely going out for a ride to see what my next adventure will take me. Home is still home and I'll always come back but right now, my wanderlust is getting the best of me. While I love to adventure via games and what not, sometimes my actual life is stranger than any fiction out there and right now, this is the game I want to play. I'll be back to play again so don't you worry, sweet pea. We all gotta grow up sometime. The difference is I know that I'm a Toys R Us kid at heart and that's what sets us apart from the legions.

I'm a fighter because I, too, am also a survivor and right now, I know what it is that I want. I'm gonna go get it.

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