Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

MissBonnifed Likes

So I've never endorsed anything before nor have I ever really gone out on a limb to say I like something enough that I mention name and product.

Therefore, it is only befitting that the first thing I talk about is going to be something that an awesome friend of mine is involved in. It's called Fantasy Factor.

No, it's not THAT kind of fantasy. It's like fantasy football, baseball and stuff.

Now. I don't know a whole lot about sports. I was in marching band for about 3 years and I can sum up everything I know about football as follows:

- I want my team to win

- My team is usually the one wearing colors I like. This is how I figure out what team I like.

- You get 4 trys (otherwise knows as a "down". You know. Like, "yo, I'm so down" but not in that context. Actually, come to think about it, I have no idea why it's called a down. Maybe it's like a taunt....kinda like "Dude, you're going DOWN!" Yes? No? I've no idea) to gain 10 yards. Oh. And then it's called First Down. Okay, please disregard everything else I just said.

- A touchdown = 6 points

- If they kick the football through that U-shaped thing, they get a point

- If they rush the line and make it through, I think they get 2 points

- If they run one way, that's good. They don't get extra points for running lots of yards the wrong way.

- Something about a Hail Mary.


As you can see, I'm a friggin' GENIUS when it comes to sports.

Now. On to baseball. Here's what I know :

- Man with 4 balls cannot walk. This nugget of super insight is courtesy of none other than Confucius. Just kidding.

- I like boys in baseball caps.

- Uh...there's something known as a pinch hitter. I think this is the guy that gets them out of a pinch. I'm super smart.



I'm going to share what I know about basketball :

- when did they stop wearing shorter shorts? Their uniforms are way longer now. I'm really observant, as you can tell.

- Free throws = 1 pt.

- A normal basket = 2 pts.

- A three pointer = ....3 pts.

- You can't elbow people in the face. They don't call that a party foul because it's known as a "foul". Those are no good because it's bad sportsmanship....and because the person you just introduced your elbow to now gets a to do freethrows. Good job.

- They run. A lot.

- I used to play a lot back in the day but it was all for fun. The boys didn't like to play my girlfriends and I because we used to beat their pants off. What a bunch of cry babies.

- I don't play anymore. :D


So now I'm registered with Fantasy Factor. If someone like me can use their interface to figure things out, then everyone can. The site is well designed and not visually overwhelming because I can make sense of it. That's an awesome thing because I'd to be able to figure out how I'm going to romp on everyone else's pansy teams. That's right. Ya heeeard me.

I'm now off to make my cousins pick my fantasy team for me because I have no idea who the players are. I rock.

Oh yeah. One other thing. Have you ever noticed how almost all the positions in football involve the word "back" whereas basketball has a lot of positions with the word "guard"? Why is that?

Football = "down" and "back"

What does that add up to? BACK DOWN!!

I am too smart for my own good sometime. You have the option of playing for free fun or for cash prizes. If you go the money route, play responsibly and have a ball.

Get it? Ball? Sports? I'm funny. x)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I'M ON IMDb!!!

Summer is almost over. The last wave of blockbuster movies are here. Leading the last hurrah is this little movie based off of beloved toys called "G.I. Joe". I watched it. Twice.

My Two Page Movie Review Is Here

Guess where my review ended up?


Yeah. IMDb. If you scroll down to the bottom of the list, you'll see [MissBonnified].

That's me. And my review.


When I found out, guess what my first thought and reaction was?

"....holy crap....that's me. ....I'm going to throw up now".

That's right. My first gut reaction (har har har) when discovering that MY REVIEW is on this site was to toss my cookies. I was (and still am) that excited.

I'm on the same eff-ing page of critics as Roger Ebert, the LA Times, NY Times and other really cool sites/people/stuff.