Monday, February 2, 2009

The Bonnie & Clyde Theme :: Ice Cube ft. Yo Yo

I chose my first song on my new journal to be "The Bonnie and Clyde Theme" because my name is Bonnie, so...go figure. I thought long and hard about which song to use because music is very important to me and I wanted to pick the right one. So here's why I decided to pick this song. Love is something that is hard to come by and even harder to hold on to. People say that love is something they don't need or want, but in all honesty, somewhere deep inside their heart I'm sure there are times when it's late at night or when they've had a particularly trying day, I know that they, too, are probably wishing just a little bit for that someone special to give them a hug and a kiss on the forehead.

I've still got a whole lotta growing to do and a whole lot more to learn but here's one thing I do know. Not just any warm body will do. That person must be someone you can relate to, someone you can talk WITH (not talk "at" or talk "to". No no no, my friends. You want someone you can talk WITH because then and only then will it be a conversation and not a one-sided barrage of words), have a good time with doing something extremely exciting (like ... sky-diving) or something extremely mundane (playing video / computers game together!! Omg, I'm a FUH-REAK for games. Wanna know why? Cuz I'm a Toys 'R Us kid and I've never really grown up), someone who is stimulating and will help you grow as a person, to debate with, to go on a date with, someone who will let you cry on their shoulder and who will also cry on yours.

Someone who will bring you aspirin when you've got the mother of all hangovers and someone who will drink every last drop of the chicken soup you made just for them when they are sick even though it tastes like rubber cement and proclaim it the best chicken soup they've ever had.

Someone who respects and loves you just the way you are, someone who will gently helps you become a richer person and who you happily do the same for. By "richer", I'm not talking about the Benjies, okay people? Yeah. I'm talking about the stuff that money can never buy.

Someone who share your interests but at the same time, expose you to something new. Someone who will always be loyal to you and who inspires you to do the same. Someone who isn't afraid to share their dreams with you and who you want to be a part of your dreams. Someone who is always supporting you and never treats you like shit, someone who is strong enough to let me support in times when he needs me, someone who will appreciate me despite the path I walked and the invisible scars I accumulated in the process because that was the only way I became the person he loves. - the perfect partner in crime, my version of Clyde.

This person probably doesn't exist but I hope he does. And until our paths cross (or maybe they already did but the time wasn't quite right) I suppose I'll have to slog through a bunch of pseudo-Clydes, but my hope, my fondest wish is that one day, he will find me and I will find him. But, in the meantime, in addition to ranting and raving about utterly random things, I will be ranting and raving about my (mis)adventures in trying to find my Clyde. This should be interesting...