Monday, May 11, 2009

The 411 In Progress

Today's class was spent discussing our Bio sheet and Promotional Plans. Having never done anything remotely close to this, I decided to wing it. I apparently have a Ph.D in BS because my teacher really liked it. Freaking awesomeness. For real.

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In addition to pursuing her love of writing, Bonnie enjoys a fascinating career as an Intensive Care Nurse in a specialty unit where life is never boring, is fueled by adrenaline and powered by enough caffeine to jump start a nation of java junkies. Bonnie also enjoyed over 3 years tending after her flock as a bartender which is like a different kind of nursing. Her ability to transform even the most tragic events into something lighter and humorous in addition to her desire to find the rainbow in every storm cloud is why she has the following she commands online but she secretly believes people enjoy reading her material because they think she's slightly off her rocker.

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